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We specialize in restoring vintage tube amps, using the finest parts available today to keep these treasures making music well into the future. This is not some guy in the back of a music store slapping in "whatever works" - we take the time to find the most appropriate replacement parts available, working within the client's budget.

We take care to change out only the minimum number of necessary parts, retaining the amplifier's original condition where possible.

Note: we hate snake oil, magic mojo components, and mystical ju ju that ramps up cost without improving the actual tone one bit. We don't sell it, we don't buy it, and we won't pass that along to our clients.

Manufacturers we regularly use include:

  • Mercury Magnetics Premium Upgrade and Replacement Transformers
  • Sozo Vintage Replacement Capacitors
  • Filter Capacitors from F&T, LCR, and CE
  • Sprague Atom and "Orange Drop" Capacitors
  • Mallory 150 Series Film Capacitors
  • Silver mica picofarad value caps
  • High Quality Tube Sockets, Either Ceramic or Belton Micralex Depending on the Amplifier
  • High Quality Jacks from Switchcraft, Neutrik, and Cliff, Depending on the Amplifier
  • Tested and sorted vintage NOS US-made Carbon Composite Resistors (when available and within the budget)
  • Xicon 1/2W and 1W Carbon Composite Resistors
  • Xicon 1/2W and 1W Carbon Film Resistors
  • Potentiometers from CTS, Precision, and Weber
  • Wire may be vintage cloth-covered or Teflon-coated, shielded where necessary, depending on the budget and the degree of vintage authenticity desired by the client

Much more to come! Please contact us if you have any questions.

All brand names, amp names, guitar names, etc, that are not Psionic Audio products are of course the rightful property etc of their respective owners. Used humbly with the realization that we live in the real world and people use these products, despite the best efforts of various legal departments.