Psionic Audio - offering the Triad, the new Telos, the 3.14, and other high quality audio effects and custom audio solutions. Lyle Caldwell psionicaudio pisonic psyonic syonic sonic Triad 3.14 314 Z2 Lumos Fuzzy Logic fuzzylogic jmi vox ac30 ac30cc mod amp amplifier modification modifications mods mixers mixer electric guitar pedals pedal stomp box stompbox stompboxes effects effect distortion fuzz overdrive natural boost booster clean cleanboost remote volume control second master volume vintage big muff best korg sdd-3000 sdd3000 delay preamp preamplifier rack switch switcher switchers switching professional unbuffer unbuffers buffer buffers boutique hand made in Memphis TN tennessee US USA U.S.A. America

Design Goal

A high quality update of the classic '70s fuzz sound, with low noise, high quality buffered bypass, tonal flexibility, remote switching, and some serious attitude.

Hard/Soft Voice Modes

Choose between Hard (symmetrical silicon) and Soft (asymmetrical silicon + germanium) clipping modes.

Vint/Mod Mids Control

Dial in the exact sweet spot between "Vintage" (the coveted "triangle" tone stack - scooped mids, bright) and "Modern" with flatter mids and more bass (but still plenty of treble on tap).